Top 5 Best Portable Monitor For Laptop

No matter how fast or advanced your laptop is, it doesn’t really matter if you can’t properly see what you are working on or playing on the screen. A portable external monitor could come in handy if you want an enhanced experience while working or playing on your laptop. There are plenty on the market to choose from but only five stand out as being the best. The following list will break down features like graphic processing, resolution, speed, and all the other bells and whistles that made these five stand out from the other thousand to choose from.

1. Dell P2416D 24"

With Dell being the developer of three of the five products on the list, you know they know a thing or two about how to make a good product. Whether you are using a portable second monitor for multitasking, gaming, or business, you get some of the highest resolution on the market. Go ahead and count the leaves on the tree on that screen. Better yet, count the veins on the leaves on that tree. With the Dell P2416D’s QHD (2560x1440) resolution, you can! The stand is completely customizable with the ability to pan, tilt, and swivel as well as height-adjustable.

2. Dell U3415W 34" UltraSharp LED

The second of the Dell portable external monitors to be reviewed is the Dell U3415W. This product will transform wherever your laptop is into more of a movie theater than a home office or living room with its incredible curved, panoramic screen and above-superior sound system and speakers. With the ability to take multitasking to the extreme, you will have no excuse to get all of your laptop tasks done. Reasonably priced for all of the features packed in this monitor, the Dell U3415W is also compatible with Mac and Windows. This product aimed for the moon and landed somewhere among the stars instead.

3. Dell S2316M

Much more wallet friendly, is the Dell S2316M. This more economically-sound choice leaves a little more money in your wallet, a little more space around your desk and is still an excellent choice for your new portable external monitor. With its sleek design and wide viewing angles, the Dell 32316M is a great product. Although with the drop in price, comes fewer bells and whistles. For example, the resolution is merely Full HD rather than the QHD (2560x1440) resolution of previously reviewed models. This is still an excellent quality of resolution however, with the ability to show lifelike colors, brightness and contrast.

4. Samsung Curved 27”

The folks at Samsung know that if you are shelling out the money to buy a portable external monitor like the Curved 27” monitor, you are probably someone who would get multiple hours of use out of it a day. This is unhealthy for your eyes…on a regular monitor. This portable monitor for a laptop is well equipped to keep your eyes safe and comfortable with Eye Saver Mode. In this mode, there are fewer screen flickers and reduced image tearing. In addition, the 5-Watt stereo system that is built in to the monitor itself is all you need to become completely immersed in your monitor.

5. AOC e1759FWU

The AOC e1759FWU brings the portable in portable monitor to a new whole level. So much in fact, that it does not even need a power chord. It is powered directly from a USB port into your laptop. That means, wherever your laptop is set up, the monitor is able to follow. It can then be hung securely on a wall or stood up independently on a stand that can be used as a portrait or landscape set-up. The resolution is fantastic with high definition 1600 x 900 resolution. This option is perfect for the business person that is always on the go with presentations to give. After work hours, relax in the hotel room and watch a movie. Chances are, you’ll forget this is merely a portable monitor for the laptop.


You may be looking for a portable external monitor for business to take on-the-go to business trips, or just as a way to increase visibility of your laptop screen. The above five products are all above average when it comes to accessibility, set-up, resolution, and sound. With a portable second monitor, you have the ability to project presentations, play games, or get work done at the simple connection of a USB chord to your laptop. What are the must-haves of your next laptop monitor? Is it a super high resolution? Or ease of set up? Or is it an ability to perform multiple tasks at once on a single screen? Whatever your reasoning for buying an external monitor, one of the above five is sure to please.

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