Top 5 Best 1080p Monitors

Monitors vary in many features. Deciding upon your monitor’s resolution is very important depending on what you’re going to use it for. 4k monitors are best for gaming, but if you’re looking for a monitor that will provide great resolution for you to watch movies or work, then your best choice is a 1080p monitor. 1080p monitors provide you with great resolution, while –if you choose the right monitor- giving you all the many different purposes you will need for your convenience. Here is a list of the Top 5 1080p Monitors to help you decide which screen will satisfy you best.

5. LG 23MP68VQ LED Monitor

This LG LED Monitor is a 23-inch Full HD monitor. It has a great HD, IPS panel and an impressive, slick design. The monitor also comes with a 75Hz refresh rate, which is more than needed for a non-gaming screen. This monitor also includes FreeSync support and an onscreen menu that is very easy to use. In addition, the monitor provides you with excellent color, contrast levels, and great viewing angles to make your viewing experience so much better. Finally, this monitor includes DVI, HDMI, and VGA ports to make it easy to connect anything to it. This product is one of the best value-for-price products available.

4. Dell U2417H Monitor

This Dell monitor is one of the best mid-range monitors on the market right now. This 24-inch display has a PLS panel with Full HD resolution. The monitor also has a great design with an ultra-thin bezel and a height adjustable metallic stand. The monitor has a Mini DisplayPort, regular DisplayPort, and an HDMI port, making it extremely practical. It also covers 99.6% of the sRGB color gamut, giving you easily legible text and beautiful images. The display’s practicality paired with its multi-purpose functions makes this product a great choice for a decent amount of money.

3. ViewSonic VX2452MH Monitor

The ViewSonic VX2452MH Monitor is a 24-inch version of ViewSonic’s gaming series monitors. This monitor is well-priced and provides great gaming specs. The monitor has a beautiful Full HD display with a glossy finish. It also has vivid color and sharp grey scale. The great thing about this monitor is its compatibility with all games, applications, and movies, making it extremely practical. It also has a fast 2ms response time and a game button option that makes it easy to play games on your screen. It has a 60Hz refresh rate, which is slightly slower than other monitors, but will work fine if you’re looking for a good high resolution screen.

2. ASUS VG248QE Monitor

The ASUS VG248QE Monitor is one of the best 24-inch monitor on the market. It has an incredible 1080p Full HD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It has an LED lit screen, meaning it saves up plenty of power and saves you a lot of money on your electric bill. The monitor also has a 144Hz ultra-fast refresh rates, one of the best refresh rates a 1080p monitor can provide. Its high resolution paired with its high refresh rates will give you a satisfying visual performance. Finally, the monitor has a 1ms response time, ensuring that there will be no chances of ghosting or blurring.

1. BenQ XL2730Z Monitor

The BenQ XL2730Z is the best 27-inch LED monitor you will find. It provides you with a big screen without damaging the monitor’s performance. This monitor is one of the best gaming monitors out there as well. It provides perfect gaming quality along with professional gamers’ input. In addition, the monitor sports brilliant GROM (Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management) and Motion Blur Reduction technology, giving your games the best quality you will find. The monitor has a quick 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate. It also has a Black eQualizer color engine, which will make dark images clear and easy to see.


While buying a monitor, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, your monitor’s brightness should have a maximum brightness of 300 nits or more to provide great brightness levels when you need them. Second, make sure your monitor’s black level is at a low of about 0.5 nits or less, this will be important for enjoying high definition films and TV. And lastly, keep in mind input lag (the difference in time between you moving your mouse and the action appearing on screen). For gamers this is an important feature and can make or break the quality of a monitor. If you keep all that in mind and take a look at our list above, choosing a monitor should be a piece of cake for you.

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